Ode to Evelyn Marie
Evie's Photos
By: Uncle Andy

Trees flow, oceans grow
When it stops no one knows

Now you’re here, then you’re gone
It’s one family that we all belong

One is happy, one is sad
One is good, one is bad

You are mine, not for long
Up to heaven you belong

The hour is up, the time is near
You are my child, no need to fear

You are always one phone call away
It’s not for sale, no one can pay

Going, going, going, gone
For unto you a happy song

Hello, Goodbye, you laugh, you cry
All of God’s children multiply

Evelyn Marie you were to be
You were to be, you were to me

In my belly growing fast
How I wish this time could last

Our time together, immersed and blessed
How I loved you, no second guess

I felt, I saw, you lived, you breathed
You hurt, I knew, we loved indeed

Flapping wings came shining down
After your spirit could not be found

From seed, to bud, to flower bloom
The life that happened much too soon

Water colors dripping down
Checkered floors, wall to wall, abound

Laughing, crying, tear drops dying
Clutching grip, I won’t let go
Crushing blow as water flows

Moving fast all along
Cherish life, it’s all gone

God is faithful, God is kind
We can’t see, we are blind

Always there, always with us
Never stops, never forsakes us

Trust in Him, glory be to thee
Up in heaven is Evelyn Marie

Meaning of Evelyn:

Hebrew: "light"

Celtic: "life" or "life-giving"

French: "little bird"

English: "beautiful bird"

Sweet baby Evelyn,
Your mommy loves you so much! You will be forever missed...

"Dear Evie,
Beautiful granddaughter! You will live in my heart forever. How blessed you now are wrapped in the arms of our Heavenly Father!"
"My dear little Evie, oh how you are so loved by so many. Your spirit has touched many people so powerfully."
                                                                                       -I love you, Gammie