Kerri Peterson-Davis 2011.1.6 23:01
Dear Christy
your words are beautiful. Your mom shared this site with me. Know that my prayers will continue to surround you. You and your family are so dear to me.

Karen Peterson 2010.12.14 10:39
I just happened on your story through an email about the single moms Christmas party. Id just wanted to tell you that your experience is an encouragement to ALL mother's. Jesus has used your precious daughter to impact many & I am so greatful for you being able to share your testimony. Your story is similar to mine & I want you to know that I pray for you now as my sister in Christ. You ARE a mother although you are lucky to never have to see her suffer or be sad or have a broken heart. Yours has broken enough for what she would have experienced in life. She will be raised in the best schools with the men of the Bible as her instructors & Jesus as her wise counselor. Great things are planned for Evie, just not for earth. Thank you again for sharing your story. I can't imagine the tears that it took to put this together. May the unsearchable peace of Jesus gaurd your heart & mind with his love forever.
Your sister in Him, Karen Peterson

June Lewis 2010.12.12 21:04
Christy, what a fabulous way to share Evie. Your story is a reflection of the wonderful work that the Lord is doing in your life. Your willingness to be so open and candid with all that you have gone through will reach out and touch many. I am so proud of my little neighbor child Christy, who has grown in the spirit of the Lord to become a strong young lady.

Jessica Monteforte 2010.12.9 00:44
Thank you for commenting on my angel baby's story(Gianna) I really wish i could give you a BIG bear hug.....As I just read your story right now i relived mine. So similar that I couldn't stop crying. Know I am praying for "us" Know that Evelyn and Gianna are with our Father in his arms waiting for us in a BEAUTIFUL place. Know you can email me when ever you just want to "talk'' That 1st year was soooooooo hard for me, first holiday, first birthday...It was real hard. I remember needing a special mom like me to talk to in all those moments and I had none....I needed one that had experienced my pain and knew what to say. So please if you ever need me I am here for you. Your daughter is just perfect and gorgeous<3 you could find me on FB under Jessica Santiago Monteforte(friend me :]) Ironicly I too was sitting in my glider with my laptop when I "know" she passed....I hope our angel babies have met while I write this, bc I can just see them together right now. My prayers to you and your family. And remember * We were chosen angel moms and he would NEVER give us more than what we can bare......Much Love your way ~Jessica mom of Gianna born sleeping 08.08.08 <3333

Larissa Henson 2010.12.9 07:57
Christy, I do not know you, but my small group helped with the single moms Christmas this year. My leader forwarded the massage of your loss, and I read everything on your page. I am speechless, heart broken for you, and above all else inspired by your attitude that you kept through it all. My prayers will be lifted up for you and your family, and just remember that your lil' Evie is having a brighter Christmas this year because she celebrates with our Lord!! Sending you a BIG HUG from one mom to another! Be blessed!

Chelsea 2010.12.8 13:36
I woke up this morning only to have your and Evelyn's miraculous story cross my path. I too go to 12stone. I too have a sweet baby girl born to heaven on Oct 29th 2010. Oh mama how I wish I could hug you! Email me if you like [email protected] May God bless you and your family today as Evelyn looks down upon you. = )

Ann DuBose 2010.12.6 21:53
What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful baby girl. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You. Love, Ann


anthony beardsworth 2010.12.6 16:22
i want you to know how much i have thought about you and your family.i hope your doing as well as you can.. you life is short and we sometimes take it for granted..i am sure that little evie is with you always,as she is and will always be a part of "our" lives...touched by such a sweet little girl...i am still in tears,but feel like a leanered something about life and what we take from it..'what i feel i can't say-but my love is there for you anytime of day" george harrison'...that says it all.

Toni Hamilton 2010.12.6 12:02
God Bless you all!

Facebook Posts 2010.12.6 00:42

-Brandon Ancil's beautiful...
-Whitney Russ

-Christina Pita Wilson

You are such a strong women. I know Evie will forever be watching over you.
-Tara Vander Iest Ashworth

Beautiful, Christy. It brought tears to my eyes
-Allison Rudisill Perez

Absolutely amazing and so beautiful!!
-Kendall Heard

What sweet pictures Christy...Evie is SO beautiful and the site is AMAZING...just like you!!! love you :)
-Christina Marlo

Amazing website, Christy. Your thoughts and the Scripture were both so touching and so evident of God's plan and how much He speaks to you and shows you things to come. I am praying for your heart and for your week of being back at work. Talk to you soon!
-April Roland

It is so beautiful Christy!
-Amanda Simpson

I hope it helps you heal Christy.
-Sandy Diekroeger

The site is beautiful! I'm sure that putting this together couldn't have been easy, and I want to say thank you for sharing your story. You are a truly amazing person, and we are all lucky to have you in our lives!
-Dana Hildebrandt

Christy, I am writing this with tears filling my eyes. Thank you for being so open about everything and sharing your story. I know you will touch many people with your story and that takes a lot of courage and love. Thank you for being a beautiful person :)
-Tatiana Anderson Hong

Christy, The site is beautiful as are you. May God continue to fill you with his spirit and hold you close to his heart. Much love to you.
-Michelle Steele

Christy, I know the many hours you poured your soul into this message. I admire your courage and faith in God and I love you beyond words. Evie has a wonderful mom.
-Leslie Kunkel

Christy you are an inspiration. Evie is simply beautiful just like her mom!
-Paige Altone

The website is beautiful, Christy. Continued thoughts and prayers headed your way!
-Ashley Curry

I spent awhile on each & every page. Amazingly strong woman you are Christy.
-Sandy Diekroeger

My heart aches for your loss of your beautiful baby girl. Words could not even begin to say how sorry I am that you had to endure this pain in your lifetime. Your webpage is such a testimony of little Evelyn . Your strength & word...s are powerful. I felt tears run down my face as I just kept reading how God truly had his arms wrapped around you through all of this. What a remarkable person you are. You will continue to always be in my prayers. I love you!
-Roxanne Peppers

Great website Christy. I love it! You are so amazing. MUAH!
-Lori Gunn

Think of you often. Evie's website is beautiful. You are an amazing woman. xoxo
-Meaghan Mullen Harris

Christy, Evies website is beautiful! You and your family are on my mind often! Praying for you sweetheart!
-Karla Albertini

Christy, thank you so much for sharing Evie's beautiful memorial website. I am so very blessed by your transparency and heart to see the Lord made more famous in your life and in the life of sweet baby girl. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers- xo
-Jennifer Mason Valencia

Thank you so much for sharing Evie's and your stories. I am truly inspired by your strength and faith. Your are an amazing woman and an even better mother. I think of you often and will continue to pray for you.
-Melissa Lash

Thank you so much for being honest, transparent, and strong while sharing your story and little Evie's story. You are a beautiful woman and I cannot imagine all you have gone through. I pray you will have continued strength, support, and knowledge of what your heavenly Father has granted for you. Your website is beauti...ful. She is beautiful. And I have no doubt hearts will be changed and touched forever. Thank you again!
-Jessica Smith

love it, love evie, and love you!
-Robyn Ancil

I had no idea what all you went through until I saw your website. You are such a strong person. I love that you have stayed strong in your faith through your trials. You have definitely touched me with your story and I will be praying for you.
-Jessica Parks Clark

christy! wow your story touched me soooo much. I cried because its soooo touching and shows how strong of a woman you are. love you and miss you!
-Natalia Day

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