To Evie
Evelyn Marie,
You came into my life so fast and were taken so fast as well! I have grown as a woman, a mother, and a friend from only knowing you for a few months through your mom carrying you. Your birth was an amazing experience that cannot be put into words. You are so loved, and I am only one of the many that melted when they saw how beautiful you were. It breaks my heart and at the same time fills my heart with joy to know that you are in heaven where you are meant to be! When I saw you enter the world here on earth, I knew you were already in Gods arms but I still expected there to be life within you. God taught me that the soul of a body is what makes a person who they are, and your precious soul was already with him. I loved you before your body entered into this earth. I love you more for what you have taught me. You are a precious angel to me and to so many others. I will walk this earth knowing that God had a plan for you and that plan will be executed. You served your purpose here and with you mother who loved you so much. Thank you for touching my life in a way that I will be able to help others and for making me a better mom, wife and friend.
I love you forever.

Sweet baby Evie,
I had so many visions of life with you and your mommy. So many wonderful things in this life to experience, so many places to go, and so many people to love you. We spent so many days leading up to your arrival talking about how wonderful life was going to be with you! You were taken at what was suppose to be the beginning. The reason, I do not know. The time I (and others) got to spend with you, I am thankful for. I pictured what you would look like when your mommy carried you. She wanted a baby girl with black hair, and she got it! Beautiful black hair! I remember seeing you for the first time and my words to you (and your mom): "She's beautiful!" Your sweet little chin, your brown eyes, your little fingernails and your tiny feet. As hard as it was to not have you look back, I am thankful for the time that I got to spend with you, my best friend's little girl. You have changed the life of all who know you and your mom. You will FOREVER be in my heart. A little girl that was meant to be her mom's world, still is. Your mom is the STRONGEST woman I know. I know she misses you more than I, or anyone, can imagine. Your life was short, but I feel so blessed to get to meet you. Please know that we'll take care of your mommy down here, until you meet again. "Her candle burned at both ends, it would not last the night. But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends, it gave a lovely light!"
Always, Robyn


I want you to know how much I think of you, admire you, and love you. Though words can never tell, I am so sorry for the loss of Evie. All of the things we spoke about and all of the dreams you had are not the same now. Nothing can take the pain away, and I don't understand how it could. All I know is that you are, and were, what a mother should be. You did everything you could to give Evie the best life. It just wasn't meant to be the way we all thought. As a mother, I still can't even imagine all you went through, but I KNOW she would be proud. Proud of all the sacrifices you made, all of the tears you shed, how you held her, how you washed her hair. I know that she was there with you in the short time you had together, and she felt what every child wants and needs, a mother's love. Even though you don't have her with you today, she is still your little girl, your daughter, the best thing to ever happen to you. We will all remember her, love her, and forever be changed by Evie. Hang in there. I love you with all my heart.
Always, Robyn

"With tiny little hands babies touch our lives forever..."
Evelyn came to this world, a gift from God to those who knew her. She changed everything before she was even born. She brought focus and clarity to a woman looking for answers. She gave strength and determination where there was none. Evelyn, you brought gratitude to many and pulled people together in the name of love. You will never be forgotten. You changed this world for the better in every way. Forever we will love you.
-Jennifer Nelson